What is the Priesthood?

The priesthood is the eternal power and authority of our Heavenly Father. Through the priesthood, God created and governs the heavens and earth. Through this power He redeems and exalts His children. He gives worthy priesthood holders authority to administer ordinances of salvation. All of Heavenly Father’s children can qualify to receive these ordinances and access the power and blessings of the priesthood. – Come Follow Me

Study the Doctrine of the Priesthood.

God our Father is a glorified, a perfected and an exalted being who has all might, all power, and all dominion, who knows all things and is infinite in all his attributes, and who lives in a family unit.

God our Father enjoys this high status of glory and perfect and power because his faith is perfect and his priesthood is unlimited.

Priesthood is the very name of the power of God, and that if we are to become like him, we must receive and exercise his priesthood or power as he exercises it.

Given us an endowment of heavenly power here on earth, which is after the order of his Son and which, because it is the power of God, is of necessity without beginning of days or end of years.

We can enter an order of the priesthood named the new and everlasting covenant of marriage.

The priesthood is patterned after the family of God our Heavenly Father.

We have power by faith, to govern and control all things, both temporal and spiritual; to work miracles and perfect lives; to stand in the presence of God and be like him because we have gained his faith, his perfections, and his power, or in other words the fullness of his priesthood.

Power we gain through faith and righteousness. Power to do all things!

– The Doctrine of the Priesthood, Bruce R. McConkie

Object Lesson.  Open up an umbrella and ask the youth how the umbrella is like the priesthood.  Give them time to think and share responses then read the definition of the priesthood (see handout):

What is the PriesthoodWordstrip Game.  What do you already know?  Make wordstrips similar to those shown in this picture.  Place them on the floor of the classroom (I had my Mia Maids get on the floor to sort through them together – it was actually quite fun and we stayed there for the rest of the lesson).  Invite class members to organize the definitions and callings of the priesthood by placing under “Aaronic” or “Melchizedek.”  You’ll be amazed at what they already know!  When they are finished placing all of the wordstrips, make the necessary corrections, using this as a great teaching moment – adding details and answering questions they might have.  This is when your studying beforehand becomes invaluable!  Who are the great men that these priesthoods where named after?  Share bits and pieces of the molding that took place in their lives in becoming the amazing individuals they became.

IMG_1281I asked one of the young women in my class to carry out the following activity on her own.  We need to get the youth teaching more! 

Optional Activity. (Suggestion taken from Come Follow Me.)  Divide the young women into groups. Assign each group to search one or more of the scriptures suggested in this outline or a section of M. Russell Ballard’s talk “This Is My Work and Glory,” looking for things they learn about the priesthood.  Invite them to share what impresses them.  What experiences have the young women had with the priesthood?

What is your testimony of the priesthood?