Conference Quote Cards


2014 April General Conference LETTERActivity Suggestion:  Gather your family, or in an upcoming church class or activity, discuss what was taught at General Conference.  Have each person choose a card, then invite participation through reading quotes, expressing feelings and sharing testimony.  Consider asking questions to help class members think deeply, creating meaningful discussion.

Printing Tip:  Download Conference Quote Cards from all sessions (.jpeg) by dragging each image to desktop or clicking on it.  For for a larger file size, choose (.pdf) versions below.  I submit the .jpeg images to Costco Photo to have them printed on photo paper (4×6) for easy reading and keeping.  Enjoy!Cover

Thomas S. Monson 1D. Todd ChristoffersonCladio D. ZivicCarlos H. AmadoBoyd K. PackerBoyd K. PackerCarlos H. AmadoCladio D. ZivicD. Todd ChristoffersonDavid A. BednarDeiter F. UchtdorfGary E. StevensonHenry B. EyringJean A. StevensQuentin L. CookNeil L. AndersonMichael John U. TehMarcos A. AidukaitisM. Russell BallardLinda S. ReevesLawrence E. CorbridgeL. Tom PerryJeffrey R. HollandRichard G. ScottRobert D. HalesRonald R. RasbandRussell M. NelsonThomas S. Monson 2W. Craig ZwickWilliam R. WalkerThomas S. Monson 3

Conference Book

I purchased several inexpensive 4×6 photo albums, one for each member of the family, and put them together like this. They fit perfectly with scriptures!

A friend of mine shared this picture with me of her son preparing a talk using the quote cards. It brought a smile to my face and I had to share it!

A friend of mine shared this picture with me of her son preparing a talk using the quote cards. I was inspired by it.  What a great example!  Thanks for sharing, Megan!


PDF Files:  Cladio D. Zivic, Carlos H. Amado, Boyd K. Packer, D. Todd Christofferson, David A. Bednar, Deiter F. Uchtdorf, Gary E. Stevenson, Henry B. Eyring, Jean A. Stevens, Jeffrey R. Holland, L. Tom Perry, Lawrence E. Corbridge, Ronald R. Rasband, Robert D. Hales, Richard G. Scott, Quentin L. Cook, Neil L. Anderson, Michael John U. Teh, Marcos A. Aidukaitis, M. Russell Ballard, Linda S. Reeves, Russell M. Nelson, Thomas S. Monson 1, Thomas S. Monson 2, Thomas S. Monson 3.


30 thoughts on “Conference Quote Cards

  1. These are wonderful reference cards! Thank you for creating and sharing them. I have two missionaries out in the field and was wanting to print them at Costco on 4×6 cards. Can you please give me more instructions on this? When I got to crop them to 4×6 sizes it does not fit. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      • You are welcome, Donna! I had mine printed at Costco yesterday and they turned out great. I have them done in the “luster” finish for fewer fingerprint marks. I hope your two missionaries enjoy them! What a blessing to have two serving in the field at one time. It speaks volumes of you as their mother. I will need to increase the font size for the October Conference. I just didn’t want to cut anything out this time. The messages were all so wonderful! I hope you enjoy them.

  2. These are amazing. Thank you so much for creating and sharing them. Here in NZ our Conference Weekend is coming up and I can’t wait. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Jenn, I’ve only made them for the last two conferences (see blog for October sessions), but I’m planning on doing them here on out! I’m glad you like them. My kids put them with their scriptures and pulled them out on Sunday before Sacrament Meeting began. I think it’s important for them to see the face that goes with each message. It’s nice to always have a spiritual thought on hand if needed, too. Enjoy!

    • You can do it a few different ways: Click on the image to view in full screen mode then drag it to your desktop, or simply drag the image in the body of the post to your desktop. I use this method all the time with my Mac. You may even want to create a folder on your desktop so they are all saved in the same location. If you have a PC you can right click on the image. The images have high pixel counts so they will come out very sharp when printed at Costco. I like the luster finish. Let me know if you still have questions.

    • You will need to save each one as a jpg file by right clicking on each picture individually and saving as such. Otherwise the pdf saved on my pc as one entire file with everyone. Good luck 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for sharing these terrific quotes! Our family will love them! You are a dear!! Bless you:)

  4. Oh, my! Oh my! You are so talented and generous. Thank you, thank you! I am going to print these and share with the women I visit teach. We are also doing a 100-day challenge for our YW to read the Conference Ensign cover-to-cover (along with other goals) before Girls Camp and I was thinking these would be fun to make with them. So excited just thinking about it! I am going to carry one in my purse!!!
    Just wondering if you have made any for the speakers from the Women’s session? If not, I would be happy to make some! Do you have a background template (with the Conference Center?) that you could send to me? Then I could share the files back to you…..????!!!

    • Julie, Thank you for your sweet reply! It means a lot. I do not have a template made up other than a .pdf that comes from a program I use called The Print Shop. I would be happy to make additional cards with the speakers from the Women’s Conference in the next couple of weeks if that helps you. If you need them before then, just let me know and I can try sending you a file you can play around with. I’m so glad you’re using them! My family has the album in each of our scripture cases and I love the idea of keeping one inside my purse. I was able to find photo albums at Walmart for $1.00 each! Deal!

  5. Carrie,
    Thank you! You saved me hours of prep. I’m doing a General Conference review with my Primary class this morning and have been listening to talks all week.

    Last week, we were talking about the 12 apostles and the first presidency in class and had an interesting (irreverent) discussion.

    I immediately assigned one kid to review a specific talk and knew I’d have to do likewise. In my 7 years as a primary teacher bouncing between junior and senior primary, I’ve never given homework unless it was for extra credit, until last week. I’m teaching junior primary this year, but knew this kid and his family really well, so I knew the parents would support me and not be upset.

    The only good thing about driving nearly 2 hours each way to work is that I got through all the apostles talks in two days for all 6 sessions. I hope this time you’ll include the talks from the Priesthood session.

    I’ll be printing these and making books for my class and my nieces and nephews for the next week’s conference when avaibable!

    I really appreciate you sharing them!

    • Thanks for your comment. I loved hearing about your class and I’m thrilled the resource is of help to you. That’s why I do it! I’m planning on including the priesthood sessions this time around! Working on the Women’s Conference talks right now. They’ll all be available in the next two weeks. Enjoy Conference Weekend!

  6. Just found these wonderful cards. What a great idea. I have printed them up and will be using with my family, grandchildren and Relief Society! Thank you so much.

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