Conference Quote Cards


It’s time to review what we learned this weekend from L.D.S. General Conference!  Gather your family, or in an upcoming Church class, discuss what was learned and felt while listening General Conference.  Print off Conference Quote Cards from all sessions.  Invite each person to select one or two cards including selected quotes that were meaningful to them. Encourage participation through reading quotes, asking questions and expressing feelings and testimony.  Consider writing other key points or applications in the space provided on card.  Download Conference Quote Cards (4×6): Holland, Valenzuela, Uchtdorf, Stephens, Soares, Packer, Nielson, Monson (Welcome), Hales, Dyches, Dube, Christofferson, Bednar, Ballard, Scott, Oscarson, Oaks, Monson, Maynes, Eyring, Anderson, Cook, Hamilton, McConkie, Nelson, Ochoa and Vinson.


10 thoughts on “Conference Quote Cards

  1. Thank you for these! They will come in handy for part of this weeks Sharing Time activity.

    I did find one design error on the card for Sister Stephens–the Conference Center background is still at full opacity, unlike the others which are more transparent. I’ll see if I can’t fix it on my end before I print mine, but I thought you might like to know. 😀

    Thanks again!!

  2. These are so beautiful. I would love to use them in a lesson. Do you have them in jpeg versions? I can’t figure out how to get them printed.

    • Have you tried saving each to your desktop as you pull them up as .pdf files? I can post them as .jpegs, but they won’t be as clear. Let me know if you’d still like me to do that. -Carrie

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