Scripture Stories

There are many ways to help our children to search, ponder and “always retain in remembrance” the stories found in the Book of Mormon.  Asking questions plays an important role in ensuring comprehension and understanding of principles taught.  Here are examples of questions you might ask before you begin reading – helping them remain engaged by listening and looking for answers.  Responses will also be more meaningful as they will have had time to ponder the message.

  • Which scripture today was meaningful to me?
  • How can I “liken” the scripture(s) to my life?                    
  • How can this story or scripture help me live better?
  • How might I use this scripture or story to defend the gospel and my testimony?

May I suggest something take place before both reading or searching begins?  There is nothing more helpful than a prayer to open our understanding of the scriptures.  Through prayer, our minds will be open to the answers our diligent search brings.  The Lord said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Luke 11:9).  We have the Savior’s reassurance that if we will ask, seek, and knock, the Holy Spirit will guide our understanding if we are ready and eager to receive.

The following worksheets have helped my children gain a better understanding of important stories in the Book of Mormon.  For older children, you might consider adding a few extra questions that require additional searching and studying.  In essence we are training our children early on to open the scriptures and search diligently for answers to questions in their life.  Whenever I walk into my oldest daughter’s room and see rejected outfit options scattered on the floor, my first reaction is frustration…then I notice opened scriptures on her nightstand and my heart is immediately softened.  My husband and I may be failing in one area (how to properly hang shirts and fold jeans), but I can’t help but feel victorious in another – which is of far greater importance!

Book of Mormon Worksheets in (.docx):







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