Sunday School Answer

Some might look down upon the standard “Sunday School Answer,” but in the end, the answers and responses we try to avoid, might be exactly RIGHT!  As Latter-day Saints, we know that simple things can make the difference in our lives.  Here it comes…Reading our scriptures, attending our church meetings regularly, going to the temple, etc.. But in addition to all of that, I believe as teachers our duty is to help students search, discover, and dig a little deeper – to find true meaning and understanding of the doctrines.

Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher, often asked questions to encourage people to ponder and apply the principles He taught.  A wonderful example of this is found in John 3:1-36.  The Savior asks thought provoking questions, encouraging Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews, to think and search deeply inside himself to understand the doctrine.  Watch the Bible video here – Jesus Teaches of Being Born Again.

The following are questions you might consider using in your Sunday School class to encourage meaningful class discussion:


How do the commandments help me learn to be more like Heavenly Father? (Hyperlink available)

How has your understanding of the commandments grown throughout your life?

What changes have you noticed in yourself as you have strived to live the commandments?

What does it mean to live “in the world” but not “of” the world?

What challenges might you face as you strive to keep the commandments?

How will you be blessed by understanding the purposes of God’s commandments?

What have you learned about Heavenly Father as you have studied the commandments?

How can I help others understand my standards?

What questions have others asked you about your standards?

How have you helped them understand why you live according to those standards?

What situations do you face in which you must explain your standards to others?

Why might this sometimes be difficult? What can you do now to prepare for these situations?

How does keeping the commandments affect my ability to learn the gospel?

How has keeping the commandments helped you as a student of the gospel?

What experiences have you had with obedience that you could share?

What connection is there between obedience and the inspiration of the Spirit?

How can I inspire others to obey the commandments?

How have you been influenced by the examples of others who were obedient to the commandments?

How have your efforts to live the commandments helped you become a more effective gospel teacher?

What opportunities do you have to be an example to others?

How do your friends influence your desire to be obedient?

What commandments are become more distinct from the world’s declining standards?

What blessings does Heavenly Father promise if I obey the commandments?

Why is it important to identify promised blessings you have been given you’re your Heavenly Father?  How is your desire to live the gospel influenced by these blessings?

How does your obedience to the commandments today influence your opportunities in the future?

What blessings have you experienced from living the Lord’s standards in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet?


How can I invite others to become more like the Savior?

What role have others played in your life in becoming more Christlike?

What opportunities do you have in inviting others to make positive changes in their lives?

To become like the Savior you must know him.  How have you grown closer to the Savior?  How might you help others do the same?

What stories in the scriptures show how the Savior treated others and how you should treat them?

What are you doing, or what can you change in your life to become more like the Savior and invite others to do the same?

How can I show love for those I teach?

How have you been influenced by a teacher who showed love to you?

How have you developed love for those you teach?

In what Church settings might you be invited to teach? What other teaching moments will you have in your lives?

How can learning to love those you teach help you become better teachers?

How did the Savior compare gospel truths to familiar objects and experiences?

Which of the parables of Jesus are most memorable to you, and why?

What objects surround you in your daily life remind you of gospel truths?

How can I use the scriptures to help others become more Christlike?

What scriptures have you used recently to teach a gospel principle?

How has your study of the scriptures helped you become a better teacher?

How do you use the scriptures when you teach?  Why is it important to do so?

What scripture stories or passages are relevant to you in your day?

How can you use what you read in the scriptures to help you make righteous choices in your daily life?

How can I use questions effectively as I teach?

How have you seen effective teachers use questions to help others ponder and apply the gospel?

How do you use questions when you teach?

What do you know about asking questions that will help you become better teachers?

What can I learn about gospel learning from the Savior’s example?

What Christlike attributes do you feel are important to gospel learning?

How has developing these attributes helped you in your efforts to study and teach the gospel?


How can I become spiritually self-reliant?

What have you done to become more spiritually self-reliant?

How have you been blessed by being spiritually self-reliant?

What can you do to develop spiritual self-reliance?

How can I find answers to my own gospel questions?

What role has seeking answers to questions played in your gospel learning?

In what ways have you found answers to your questions?

What questions do you have about the gospel?

How do you seek answers to your gospel questions?

How can I learn to make my own decisions?

What are some important decisions you have made? How did you make those decisions? How did the Lord help you?

What principles of the gospel can help you make righteous decisions?

How can setting goals help me become self-reliant?

What goals have you set for yourself throughout your life?

What did you do to achieve your goals?  How has achieving goals helped you become more self-reliant?

In what areas of your life do you procrastinate?  What affect does it have on you and those around you?

With the increase of natural disasters in the world, what have you done to help your family become self-reliant?

How can I prepare to be financially self-reliant?

How has your life been blessed as you have followed the counsel of Church leaders regarding financial self-reliance?

Why do you believe self-reliance is an important principle of the restored gospel?

What do you already know about providing for themselves and others?  How will your future family be blessed through following the counsel to be financially self-reliant?


How can I learn to serve more effectively in the Church?

How does the Lord help you as you strive to fulfill your callings?

What experiences could you share with the youth?

Why is it important for you to learn now how to serve effectively in the Church?

What are some ways you can serve in the Church besides having a calling?

How can I become a better leader?

Think of someone you know who is a Christlike leader. What leadership qualities does that person possess? How has his or her leadership influenced you and others?

Why do you need to learn how to be leaders?

What opportunities do you have to lead—in the Church, in their homes, and in their communities – now and in the future?

What are some blessings you have received through the service of Church leaders and teachers?

How can I become a better teacher?

How have you been blessed by effective teachers?  What have you done to become a better teacher?

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as teachers?

What experiences have you had to teach those around you by words, attitudes, and examples?

What experiences have you had when you have felt the Spirit and helped someone do what is right or overcome a problem?

What are effective ways to share the gospel with others?

What opportunities have you had to share the gospel with others?

What have you done to share the gospel with others?

What keeps you from sharing the gospel?  How can you overcome these fears and concerns?

In what way will your good example lead someone to want to learn about the gospel?

How can I understand the symbols used to teach about the Second Coming?

What symbols and parables in the scriptures have helped you better understand the Second Coming?  How have these comparisons inspired you to prepare for the Savior’s return?

Why is it important for you to know and understand the signs of the Second Coming?

How can you remain calm and at peace even when some of the signs and symbols of the Second Coming are terrifying and dreadful?

What can I learn from the scriptures to help me prepare for the Second Coming?

What scriptures about the Second Coming have brought you peace?

What are you doing to prepare for the Second Coming?

In what ways will learning how to study the scriptures bless you now and in the future?

What are some things you can learn to be ready for the Second Coming?

How does having an eternal perspective affect your choices each day?


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