Good. Better. Best.

6a00d8341fefa353ef0120a5ed29a1970c-piWhat is lesson FLUFF and why can’t we just FORGO it?

FLUFF |fləf|noun:  something perceived as trivial or superficial (I’m getting technical here.)

Here is a fine example of fluff.  Crocheted book marks, finished late Saturday night…At first, our time and intentions focused on lesson fluff might be GOOD.  But in our efforts to accomplish something we think is BETTER, we completely miss the mark on what is BEST. 

Ponder on how the Savior taught.  He shared simple stories, parables and real-life examples that made sense to his listeners.  He helped them discover gospel lessons in their own experiences and in the world around them, such as fishing and working in the fields.  Simplifying your lessons and teaching more in the Savior’s way – thinking quality over quantity – will ensure great success.  Henry B. Eyring has said, “One of the surest ways to avoid even getting near false doctrine is to choose to be simple in our teaching.  Safety is gained by that simplicity, and little is lost.”  I am a believer!

In your {prayerful} preparation, ask yourself, How can I apply the Savior’s way of teaching?

Every learning experience (or lesson) should consist of activities that:

  • Invite learners to search the scriptures and learn stories from the life of Christ
  • Help them understand and analyze the doctrine
  • Invite them to share feelings
  • Encourage application – What will the worth of the doctrine be in their lives if they don’t learn how to live it?!

As I teach the Mia Maids in my ward, I am continually reminded that the thoughts and feelings in their hearts and minds are of far greater value than any trinkets or treasures passed into their hands.   Fluff won’t fulfill your purpose.  Your feelings, experiences, testimony along with the Christ-like love you show, will.

“Teaching the Gospel in the Savior’s Way” is one of my favorite videos the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has created with the implementation of Come Follow Me.


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